ERP Manager – Urgnano (Italy)

The ERP Manager reports to the IS Director. The purpose of this position is to devise and guarantee the implementation and maintenance of ERP projects, guaranteeing the ERP System’s business continuity, in accordance with company standards and procedures.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Coordinates and supervises the ERP team, managing priorities, removing bottlenecks and addressing critical issues
  • Monitors the team’s performance and proposes the introduction of tools and solutions to improve performance
  • Defines project road maps, evaluating feasibility and priorities among ERP development plans
  • Devises ERP projects, analyses requirements and designs the project blue print
  • Implements projects directly, through the ERP team or external consultants, ensures the project is on time, within budget and scope
  • Participates and supervises go-live and post go-live stages of projects, supporting users globally
  • Collects reported system errors, devises corrective actions and plans to improve the Help Desk service
  • Filters help desk requests, monitors help desk efficiency
  • Designs and implements improvements and updates on the existing ERP projects to comply to new rules and regulations, or to improve critical or potentially inefficient areas
  • Supervises the creation of ERP training programs

Technical Skills:

  • Excellent knowledge of ERP systems (functional analysis, use, configuration, customization, SAP, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of information systems (configuration and management of operating systems, databases, software, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of IT infrastructures (networking, security, server hardware and operating systems, virtualization systems, VOIP PBX, etc.)
  • Good knowledge of the supply chain process
  • Good project management skills
  • Excellent knowledge of English

Personal Skills:

  • Accountability. Accept responsibility for your actions. Be accountable for your results. Take ownership for your mistakes.
  • Problem solving. Be analytic. Be frugal and avoid sophistication to get the job done without compromising on quality.
  • Resilience and put passion in what you do. Patience, tenacity and hard work allow you to reach your goals and positively respond to challenges. Never give up.
  • Team Play. Build trust in your relationships and contribute to making the work environment positive and stable.
  • Leadership. Spend your time and energy to ensure members of your team understand the importance of their work. Develop your team to reach greater and bigger goals and create our future leaders.

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in economics or management engineering
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in designing ERP projects preferably in a consultancy company

In order to ensure a correct application process, please also register on the following site, applying to the position: ERP Manager at Global Headquarters # 2322.

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