What we mean by Sustainability

Our products reach all corners of the world, therefore we take a global view on sustainability. We are committed to developing a group-wide policy, pledging precise and effective milestones for achieving our environmental and social sustainability goals. Read on to see how we have already begun taking responsibility.

Waste management.

We closely monitor our water, gas and electricity use to weed out inefficiencies. Strict utilities maintenance programs also support optimal energy and water consumption.
By using precise and careful production processes, the amount of raw materials involved in each bottle can be pared to the minimum, shrinking waste. Serioplast offers and encourages the use of recycled raw materials for products wherever appropriate. In-house production facilities skip the high-volume packing and stacking stage of the production process, reducing our overall consumption of product packaging materials.

Minimising transport.

In-house production formats reduce the demand for high-volume, long-distance transport systems, relieving negative environmental effects. Internally, Serioplast always seeks to achieve the most efficient goods exchange channels between sites.

Social responsibility.

We have the proven capacity to follow our clients quickly and successfully into new geographical markets. With the aim of encouraging economic and skills development for the local communities in and near where we operate, Serioplast always seeks to satisfy human resource needs by employing local staff.
Staff training and development is an important tool for our continued success, and we invest heavily in supporting the long-term career advancement of our people.