Quality Manager – Kutno ( Poland )

The Quality Manager reports to the Plant Manager. The purpose of this position is to ensure the quality and hygiene of the final product and the implementation, management and compliance to the company’s integrated system of standards and procedures.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Supervises, coordinates and supports the Quality team, managing priorities, eliminating, bottlenecks and addressing critical issues
  • Leads the implementation and ensures compliance to the company’s integrated system of procedures and standards
  • Proposes improvements to the company’s integrated system of standards and procedures
  • Plans and/or enables the implementation of internal audits
  • Guarantees the correct execution of the quality control plan for new and existing products
  • Ensures correct calibration of all laboratory instruments through internal control plans, relying on internal resources and external suppliers
  • Proposes relevant changes to continuously improve processes, methods and practices of quality control in accordance with client’s and internal quality standards
  • Verifies quality reports, eventually addressing relevant issues to the Plant Line Managers
  • Coordinates internal resources to identify and resolve non conformities, acting as the process leader and suggesting the adoption of corrective and preventive actions, ensuring proper communication with the client
  • Ensures a proper management of the incoming material supplies
  • Identifies the training needs related to quality standards for Quality and Plant staff and defines the execution plan
  • Provides support in the industrialization of new products and the implementation of processes or materials, supervising process performance

Technical Skills:

  • Excellent applied knowledge of measuring instruments and techniques
  • Good knowledge of statistical process control and statistical analysis
  • Excellent knowledge of ISO standards
  • Good knowledge of plastic molding technologies (EBM and/or SBM and/or IM)
  • Good knowledge of Health, Safety and Environment rules and practices
  • Excellent knowledge of English

Personal Skills:

  • Accept responsibility for your actions. Be accountable for your results. Take ownership for your mistakes.
  • Problem solving. Be analytic. Be frugal and avoid sophistication to get the job done without compromising on quality.
  • Resilience and put passion in what you do. Patience, tenacity and hard work allow you to reach your goals and positively respond to challenges. Never give up.
  • Team Play. Build trust in your relationships and contribute to making the work environment positive and stable.
  • Spend your time and energy to ensure members of your team understand the importance of their work. Develop your team to reach greater and bigger goals and create our future leaders.

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or equivalent experience
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience working in the Quality department of an ISO certified manufacturing company preferably in the plastic sector

In order to ensure a correct application process, please also register on the following site: jobs.serioplast.com, applying to the position: Quality Manager at Kutno #2454

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