Photo by Matteo Gherardi


Working towards a fair circular economy

We are pleased to introduce the Fair Plastic Alliance, an international network of for-profit and non-profit stakeholders seeking to build a circular economy based on recycling and social inclusion. The Alliance promotes and accompanies the development of inclusive and sustainable initiatives along the whole recycling chain, from waste collection to industrial production of recycled plastic goods, especially in low-income areas and adverse contexts. Serioplast has taken part in the founding of the Alliance and acts as technical partner, contributing with knowledge of the plastics packaging market and the running of industrial operations.

More about the Fair Plastic Alliance

Energy Footprint

Carbon footprint and emissions

We introduce efficiency in energy generation and consumption to streamline the carbon footprint and emissions of our industrial operations. This drives us to constantly increase the efficiency of all our production machines and utilities and to promote a smart and integrated internal energy production combined with a high degree of energy recovery (photovoltaic, cogeneration, trigeneration, building heating with waste-heat).


We work at streamlining our transport supply chain by minimizing transportation distances. We have set-up production plants all over the world to meet customer needs locally. Where possible, we have opened client in-house operations and developed integrated logistics solutions.

Reducing our footprint

We strive to reduce the carbon footprint of energy purchased through continuous reduction of the CO2/kWh amount in the energy mix, as well as the carbon footprint of our main industrial processes.