About us

Group Structure

Serioplast Global Services

Headquarter providing centralized services to all operations


Rigid plastic packaging manufacturing


Engineering center for machines and plant technology


Pilot and industrial mould manufacturing


Contract manufacturing for liquid filling

Centro Plastica

Recycling facility

Our Strategy

Price is our

No frills.

We commit to doing more with less: providing the best possible quality at the lowest possible price.
Keep it


We study our industrial processes, organizational structures and machinery to ensure they are smart, modular, and easily replicated.
Plug-in the


Shortening the time from greenfield to production is our daily challenge.
Flexible processes to
create rigid plastics.


We have the courage to invest in innovative projects and solutions: custom made, wherever the client needs us.
We only love
one color.


We constantly optimize the use of materials, of energy, of transport, of time and we commit to transform waste into resource towards a new circular economy.

Our Manifesto

We are Serioplast and we are.
We are a Company focused on the production of rigid plastic packaging for the major players of the FMCG industry in the home care & laundry, food, personal care and pharma markets.
We are Serioplast and we make.
We produce globally, with the best possible quality and at the lowest possible price. We don’t only make bottles: we also design and engineer our own machines and our own moulds; we operate as contract manufacturer and we recycle post-consumer plastic in order to bring it back in the production loop.
In all we do our industrial processes and organization are flexible, scalable, and easily replicable.
We are Serioplast and we commit.
We commit to producing without compromising on quality. We commit to reducing our costs in order to practice reasonable prices. We strive to generate value through our activity: value to sustain the projects and the vision of our clients; value to promote our growth and to experiment with new ideas, but also to face adversities.
Our commitment drives us to do more, with less: less waste of resources, energy and time.
We are Serioplast and we ensure.
On the workplace we ensure for transparency, integrity and team spirit. For those who work with us we offer a safe workplace, respectful of the dignity of every employee. We want salaries to be fair, and merits to be acknowledged and rewarded. We safeguard fair opportunities of professional growth, free from discrimination of any kind. We require our management to be competent and accountable for their decisions.
We want everybody to feel protected by our Code of Conduct and to feel free to report breaches or violations.
We are Serioplast and we respect.
We respect the institutions and the laws of the Countries we operate in; and the Communities we are in contact with. We respect the environment and natural resources by adopting sustainable production models and progressively reducing the carbon footprint of our operations.
We respect consumers: our products are destined to enter their lives and their homes.
Our respect and our commitment enclose the values that are part of our identity when we say, “We are Serioplast”.


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Photo by Alejandro Vecchiettini